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You can now place an order for our meat packs using the order form at the bottom of this page.

Orders for Farmers Market Collection must be received no later than Tuesday of that week.

You can also view the upcoming Farmers Markets that we will be attending. Click Here

Free Range Pork Sausages:

Cumberland, Yorkshire Farmhouse. Pork and Leek, Pork and Apple, Traditional Moroccan Spiced. £4.50 per pack, or 3 packs for £12

Free range sausages
pork pack

Free Range Pork Packs:

There is a choice between a 7kg pork pack (£60.00) or the 16kg pork pack (£120.00). Each pack includes variety of joints, chops, steaks and belly

Pasture Fed Beef Pack:

We offer a 10kg beef pack for £110.00, which includes a variety of joints, a selection of steaks, mince, stewing and shin

Beef Pack

TomaPork Chops:

£9.00 per kilo, each pack comes with 2 chops, cut from the loin

Shoulder Steaks:

£9.50 per kilo, each pack comes with 2 steaks cut from the shoulder

Shoulder Steaks
Belly Pork

Belly Pork:

£8.00 per kilo, can either be in the form of slices (2-4 slices per pack), or a complete piece

Sausage Meat:

£9.75 per kilo, available in all the same flavours as the sausages

Sausage meat
Diced Pork

Diced Pork:

£8.75 per kilo. But for £10.00 per kilo, can be upgraded with a Moroccan seasoning

Minced Pork:

£8.75 per kilo, a lean ratio of meat to fat

Minced Pork
Roasting Packs

Roasting Joints:

3 different roasting joints available. Either the loin (£9.50 per kilo), the shoulder (£9.50 per kilo), or the leg (£9.00 per kilo) are available. All joints boned, rolled and scored for the perfect crackling



Here are some questions that we think you might ask.

No.  We only sell our products at Farmers Markets.

We Only do local deliveries within a 5 mile radius of our farm

 Local orders can be picked up from the farm at a pre-arranged time on weekends

All items are to be paid for when picked up from the markets, or when delivered

Our regenerative practices allow the soil to sequester and lock carbon away. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere

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